+ARTESIO: <br>Harmony in Space

Harmony in Space

Using modular construction and matching front and side panels we harmonize the panel walls with the base units and furniture. Additionally the dramatic arch and grooved wall unite the kitchen with the surrounding home. This architectural approach links cooking and living areas with seamless harmony through a common horizontal plane.


+ARTESIO: <br>Wall of Potential

Wall of Potential

The multi-functional wall, with its grooved panel, turns a flat surface into a source of inspiration. The wall conceals a horizontal LED strip that directs light upwards and can take strong, light stainless steel shelves for books, ornaments or kitchen tools. Additionally a stainless steel panel hidden within it can carry switches, sockets and wall fittings.


+ARTESIO: <br>Under the Arch

Under the Arch

The distinctive +ARTESIO arch displays innovation and drama. It’s a highly functional form that conceals the routing of cables, audio and extractor air while also providing ambient light for the kitchen area. It’s an architectural statement, giving height and stature to a room and linking the kitchen with the home around it.